What is the difference between Pu material and natural leather?

What material is pu? We often hear about pu material in our daily lives. What we are accustomed to understand is what pu is made of. Pu is a high-molecular compound that is formed by reacting isocyanate groups with hydroxyl groups. It is widely cited and used in the apparel industry due to its resistance to tortuosity, softness, strong stretchability, and air permeability. Today Xiao Bian will tell you what pu material is and Pu material, Pu material and natural leather. I hope you can learn some knowledge from it.

What is pu material?

1, PU, ​​that is, polyurethane, referred to as polyurethane. It is a macromolecular compound containing a -NHCOO- unit in the molecular structure. This unit is formed by a mixed reaction of an isocyanate group and a hydroxyl group. The characteristics of pu material are obvious, which is also the key to achieving a broad market. In the home improvement industry, it is generally used in the production of living room sofas and other skins.

2, PU also known as recycled leather, recycled leather. It is characterized by light weight, abrasion resistance, non-slip, cold resistance and chemical resistance, but it is expensive, easy to tear, poor in mechanical strength, and poor in tear strength. PU color less. The main color is black or brown. Soft texture, suitable for making casual bags or furniture skins, the price is not high, easy to decolorize.

3, PU fabric is a simulation of leather fabrics, synthetic materials, with a leather texture, very strong and durable, and low prices. People often say that the PU leather is a leather material, such as PVC leather, Italian leather paper, recycled leather and so on. The manufacturing process is slightly more complicated, because PU's bottom fabric tensile strength is good, in addition to coating on the bottom On the cloth, it is also possible to include the base cloth so that the outside of the base cloth does not exist.

Pu material characteristics:

1, good physical properties, resistance to bending, good flexibility, high tensile strength, breathable. The pattern of the PU fabric is a kind of pattern paper which is first hot-pressed on the surface of the semi-finished leather. After waiting for cooling, the paper leather is separated and the surface treatment is performed.

2, high air permeability, temperature penetration rate can reach 8000-14000g/24h/cm2, high peel strength, high water pressure resistance, waterproof breathable clothing fabrics and the bottom layer of the ideal material.

3, high prices, some special requirements of the price of PU fabric than the PVC fabric to be 2-3 times higher. The pattern paper required for general PU fabrics can only be scrapped 4-5 times.

4. The use cycle of the pattern roll is long, so the cost of PU leather is higher than that of PVC leather.

5, with thermoplastic, spinnable, can be made into plastic and fiber.

Pu material, pu leather and natural leather distinction:

A smell smell:

Pu leather is not the taste of leather, but only the taste of plastic. However, natural animal leather is not the same, has a strong fur smell, even if it has undergone treatment will have a greater taste.

Second, look at the pores

Natural leather can see patterns or pores, there is also you can use a fingernail to wipe, you can see the erection of animal fibers, pu leather products can not see the pores or patterns, if you see obvious traces of artificial sculpture That's the pu material, so we can tell by looking.

Third, touch the hand

The feel of natural leather is very good and elastic. However, the feel of pu leather is relatively poor. The feel of pu is like touching plastic, and elasticity is extremely poor. Therefore, genuine and fake leather can be judged by bending leather products.

There are several benefits of using PU materials:

1. Use light, environmental protection, good elasticity, feel soft and smooth, good air permeability, not afraid of rain.

2. When used in winter, it will not be hardened or deformed due to low temperature. It will not fade under strong light and the color will not become old.

3. Its material is flexible, wearable, long-term use, cheap, its appearance and performance are close to natural leather, easy to care and maintenance.

4. The package surface is smooth and tight, can be processed and dyed, with bright colors and various styles.

Summary: The relevant information about what the pu material is, the Pu material and the natural leather are introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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