MIT builds new approach to solar cells: The old car's battery can be used for waste

MIT builds new approach to solar cells: The old car's battery can be used for waste

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) announced this week that some scholars have developed a new method that can use abandoned car batteries for solar cells. This greatly controls the waste of car batteries and is also an environmentally friendly technology. . In fact, the researchers found this method is to extract lead from the old car battery, and then use it in the solar cell, it is said that in terms of efficiency and solar cells used in the "high purity, can be applied to the original commercial field The material is the same.

Today's solar technology researchers have invested a lot of energy in using perovskite high-efficiency solar cells. As a result, it has been found that the most efficient perovskite solar cells contain lead, which is a problem for the environment. Lead not only consumes a lot of energy, but also has a bad influence on the environment itself. So MIT researchers began to think that the acquisition of lead does not necessarily need to come from new energy sources. And those old car batteries become a source of acquisition, and this repeated reuse will not affect the efficiency of solar cells.

Angela Belcher, a professor of bioengineering, materials science and engineering at MIT, said that she and her colleagues have found a perfect and simple way to extract lead from car batteries. However, it is said that most people still can not do it, MIT reminded, "Open the battery is very dangerous."

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