Two major trends in the furniture market in 2014


Good furniture not only brings us pleasure in the senses, but also enriches the atmosphere of home. However, there are so many types of furniture at the moment, and it can be said that "the flowers are gradually becoming charming eyes" when buying, making it difficult for many consumers to start. Industry brand owners predict two major trends in the furniture market in 2014, and make reference for you to buy furniture!


Four pieces of fantasy painted children's suite


Prediction 1: Increased market share of pure solid wood furniture


When selecting furniture, products with environmental protection labels will be considered, and environmental protection products will be given priority in the affordable range. In the survey, 8.8% of consumers said that they would purchase green and environmentally friendly products without considering the price. Green and environmentally friendly products have become a top priority for consumers.


Next year, "environmental protection" will become the mainstream trend in the furniture market, which is related to the overall environment. Consumption determines the market. In the future, furniture will be inseparable from the green ring. Pure solid wood furniture has a solid wood texture, beautiful natural texture, and traditional solid wood technology. It responds well to the modern people's environmental protection concept.


Buying furniture for teenagers and children is most likely to be attracted by beautiful shapes and brilliant colors. But parents must not be fooled by these. The first question to consider is whether the furniture is environmentally friendly-see if formaldehyde and heavy metals exceed the standard.


Prediction 2: The design of functional sofas and soft beds is more user-friendly


In the past two years, with the continuous improvement of the concept of home, people have become more and more demanding on furniture. The style has gradually faded, and more emphasis is placed on the functionalization of the furniture itself and more humane. Furniture is not much, functionality and quality are the best choice. This shows that functional homes are expected to become new favorites in 2014.


When it comes to functional furniture, functional sofas are undoubtedly the best representative. The sofa is not bought in the living room for decoration, but to let you sit back on the sofa on a busy day and immediately feel very relaxed and happy.


Another representative of functional furniture is the soft bed. The soft bed is a new bed developed with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the requirement for higher and higher sleep quality. Speaking of soft beds, as a functional dynamic combination bed, on the basis of emphasizing comfortable sleep, it also helps the human body to relieve the fatigue of the spine and other parts to the maximum extent. The combined humanized design highlights the modern sleep culture Spirit, bring comfort and health to your body and mind. (Editor: Peter)


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