Bearing torque, load and life (2)

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Bearing torque, load and life (2)

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-07-17

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13. Essential extra life number basicratinglife
Additional lifespan associated with 90% reliability.
14. Life factor
In order to obtain a fundamental additional radial dynamic load or a fundamental additional axial dynamic load corresponding to a given extra life; a correction factor applicable to the equivalent dynamic load.
15. Bearing block with plummerblock
A combination of a radial bearing and a seat; a support plate on the support surface parallel to the bearing axis.
16. Vertical block plummerblockhousing
Mount the rolling bearing seat.
17. Flanged seat
a seat having a radial flange and a screw hole for the device on the outer surface of the support shaft.
18. Tight set of adaptersleeve
An axially open sleeve having a cylindrical bore; the outer surface is conical and has a small end with an external thread. For use with a tapered bore bearing assembly (with lock nut and lock washer) On the axis of the appearance.
19. Withdrawal sleeve withdrawalsleeve
a sleeve having a cylindrical inner bore axially open; the outer outer surface is conical and the outer end is externally threaded. For mounting the tapered bearing on the shaft of the outer cylindrical outer surface (with a nut).
20. Lock nut locknut
Screw nut with cylindrical outer surface and axial groove; lock the nut with one outer claw of the lock washer and the annular wrench. It is used for axial positioning of the rolling bearing.
twenty one. Lock washer lockwasher
A thin steel plate washer with many external claws. One outer claw is used to lock the nut; one inner claw is inserted into the axial groove of the adapter sleeve or shaft.
twenty two. Bipolar set eccentriclockingcollar
a grooved steel ring having a pain in the inner hole at one end; the device is in the flat end of the inner spherical bearing with a flat and painful extension end. The inner ring is rotated relative to the inner ring to fix the inner ring; then the top wire is fastened to fix it Tight on the shaft.
twenty three. Concentric set of concentriclockingcollar
The rim is mounted on the wide inner ring of the outer spherical bearing; the top wire is screwed into the hole in the inner ring and touched with the shaft.
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