How to wash off the paint

The paint must be used during the decoration, and the paint may be accidentally put on the clothes. Many people may throw the clothes directly, but it feels a pity, how do you clean it? The following editors share for everyone How to wash off the paint , and seven tricks to teach you to remove the paint, I hope to help everyone.

1. Olive oil

How to wash off the paint , if you have olive oil in your home, you can apply some on the painted clothes, and then gently rub a few times, soak the clothes in the water, soak for a few minutes and wash with soap or laundry detergent This method will not hurt our hands, but also will not hurt our clothes. It is very practical.

2, toilet water

If you do n’t have olive oil at home, you must have toilet water. You can pour some toilet water on the painted areas. After using it for a while and then washing it with soap, it is easy to remove the paint. This method saves money and has a good effect.

3. Peanut oil or salad oil

How to wash off the paint, I believe that most homes have peanut oil or salad oil, rub it on the clothes stained with paint, then add some detergent, and finally rub the clothes hard, so that the paint on the clothes can be easily removed

4. Banana oil

If the area of ​​paint on the clothes is large, we can use banana oil to apply it to the place where the paint is stained and wash it. And banana oil can effectively remove the odor of the paint, or buy some turpentine directly in the paint shop for cleaning, this effect is also very good.

5. Gasoline

How to wash off the paint, if the paint is dyed very seriously, we can use gasoline for cleaning. First apply a bit of gasoline to the place where the paint is stained, and then use soap to clean it. It is easy to remove the paint and return the clothes to their original appearance instantly.

6. Soak with warm water to remove paint

If the clothes are stained with paint, you can soak the clothes in warm water. After the paint is dissolved in water, wash with soap until all the paint is rubbed off, then wash again with warm wash, and finally rinse with clean water.

7. Use detergent or mild ammonia to remove paint

How to wash off the paint, when the clothes are stained with paint, first dissolve and remove the paint with hot water, then decolorize with detergent or mild ammonia, and finally wash with clean water, the clothes will return to the original state.

Editor's summary: The above is about how to wash off the paint , and seven tips to teach you to remove the relevant knowledge of clothing paint, you can understand. If you accidentally get paint on your clothes, you can use one of the above methods to effectively remove it.

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