How to make waterproof in the bathroom

The bathroom is a place where water is used frequently, so waterproof must be done well. If the waterproof is not done well, it will affect not only yourself, but also the living environment of the neighbors. So, let me share with you how to make the bathroom waterproof , and the details you need to pay attention to.

1. How to make the bathroom waterproof

1. How to make the bathroom waterproof ? Every step must be done carefully during the waterproof construction. It can't be sloppy. When you need to test during the construction, you must remember that you can't cut corners in order to shorten the construction period. Therefore, the master must supervise his work when doing waterproofing.

2. The waterproof base should be leveled without unevenness. It is best to construct it on a dry ground. When doing the first pass of waterproofing, it must be done well, no bubbles or cracks can appear, ensure that the contact is firm, and the thickness must reach the standard.

3. How to make the bathroom waterproof ? When brushing for the second time, wait for the first waterproof and dry construction before construction, so that the quality is reliable and it is not prone to problems.

4. When applying waterproof coating, you can ask the workers to position the ground and the wall. The waterproof coating should be higher, about 30-40cm away from the ground, to avoid the penetration of the wall when taking a bath or using water in the future, causing unnecessary trouble.

5. How to make the bathroom waterproof ? After two times of waterproof and drying, you can check whether there are cracks, bubbles, and the surface is flat. Then carry out the construction of the protective layer. When brushing the protective layer, the waterproof layer must be completely covered to ensure that the surface is flat and free of cracks, bubbles and other phenomena.

6. Put the water into the test to check whether the waterproofing has passed the test. The test time is 24 hours. The water surface should be 2-3cm away from the ground. No leakage during the test indicates the pass. If necessary, you can conduct a second test, so that you can use it in the future.

Second, the details to pay attention to when doing waterproof

1. Choose safe and environmentally-friendly waterproof coatings. The brands and prices of waterproof coatings on the market are quite chaotic. It is recommended that you choose large brands so that the quality is more reliable and you can be guaranteed.

2. The height of the bathroom waterproof should be about 1.8 meters, and the wall of other places should be about 1.5 meters, so as to ensure that the wall is not damp.

3. If you live on the first floor, it is humid, it can also be waterproof, which can play a role in preventing moisture, and the furniture at home is also protected.

4. Normal waterproof construction can be done within a day or two. After the completion, it should be air-dried for one day, and then the water shut-off test will be conducted. The water shut-off test will take 48 hours.

Editor's summary: The above is the relevant knowledge about how to make the bathroom waterproof and the details that need to be paid attention to when doing waterproof. When doing waterproofing, you must be serious. If problems occur in the later stage, it will be particularly troublesome to repair and it will cost a lot of money.

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