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Abstract The Stone Machinery Accessories Association visited member companies in the past two years, and the trend of stone environmental protection continued to be tense. The environmental storms set off across the country have made many stone companies, especially those “three no” companies, stunned. The environmentally-friendly red line that is constantly approaching has prompted many original powders that have not been configured...


Stone Machinery Accessories Association visited member companies

In the past two years, the environmental protection situation of stone has continued to be tense. The environmental storms set off across the country have made many stone companies, especially those “three no” companies, stunned.

The ever-increasing environmental protection red line has prompted many companies that have not equipped with dust and other pollution treatment equipment to add environmentally-friendly dust removal equipment. As a supporting stone industry, stone machinery has become a beneficiary in the environmental protection storm. Many enterprises have explored business opportunities in the environmental crisis, including many local stone enterprises including Wanfu and Xingong, plus stone environmental protection equipment. In addition, foreign stone equipment companies such as Yangcheng Machinery and Ganlong Machinery have also made great achievements in the market with environmentally friendly equipment.

A number of South enterprises plus code environmental protection equipment

Recently, Lei Zhihua, deputy general manager of Nanan Xingong Machinery Co., Ltd., has been busy shipping to old customers. However, the equipment sent out this time is somewhat different from the original stone processing equipment.

“This is our newly developed anti-blocking dust-removing cabinet and vertical vacuuming equipment, which are all developed for the environmental protection needs of stone enterprises in the past two years.” Lei Zhihua said that environmentally-friendly stone equipment is newly developed equipment, and stone. The processing equipment is not large, but it has sold a lot this year. Obviously, this is a market that is still growing.

Coincidentally, Wanfu Holdings, which specializes in stone processing equipment, has also developed new sewage treatment equipment in the past two years. Wanfu's new equipment is mainly for sewage treatment in the production process of stone enterprises.

"We are very optimistic about this market. At present, our technology has been recognized by many peers. I believe this will be a growth point for Wanfu Holdings in the future." Talking about the original intention of adding environmental protection equipment, the chairman of the company, Li Qunsheng, frankly said that it is the general trend.

"In the past two years, the environmental storm has caused many stone companies to pay attention to this field, which has further promoted the environmental protection equipment market." Li Qunsheng said that they will develop a new product that combines functions such as sewage and dust removal, and dig deep into the stone. Environmental protection equipment market.

Sewage treatment, dust treatment... Last year, under the environmental ban, more and more stone enterprises had to put environmental protection production as the primary factor in the company's production. According to the reporter's incomplete statistics, in the past two years, at least hundreds of stone enterprises in Shuitou have added dust collection systems. Many enterprises are also constantly improving the sealing of raw material yards. Many enterprises have added spray facilities and walls.

The market demand has further driven the downstream stone equipment development enterprises. In addition to local enterprises such as Wanfu and Xingong, foreign companies such as Yangcheng Machinery and Tianjin Qianlong Machinery, which are engaged in the production of environmental protection equipment, are also rushing into the Nan'an market.

Redefining the product towards a high value

"What the market needs, we will develop what." More and more stone machinery companies join the development of the environmental protection equipment market, is a microcosm of the "supply side reform" of Nanan stone machinery in recent years.

In the southern installation and manufacturing industry, although the proportion of special equipment manufacturing such as stone machinery is not the largest in the industry, it is the most advantageous and one of the most grounded gas industries. Because these special equipment can serve the local traditional industries, even some entrepreneurs refer to them as the "Arsenal" of various industries in Nan'an.

The trend of stone finishing is irreversible, cater to this market demand, and the new Zhengye Machinery, which has been cultivating the field of stone cutting machines for many years, has cooperated with a well-known Italian stone machinery manufacturer in the past two years to develop a “five-axis engraving with the most cutting-edge technology”. Machining Center". This equipment has reached the top level at home and abroad in terms of rigidity, precision and flexibility, and can meet the deep processing needs of stone enterprises.

The demographic dividend has subsided, it is difficult to recruit workers, and it is difficult to train technicians to become a common problem in stone enterprises. The black horse giant machinery in the field of Nanan stone machinery has developed a smart infrared bridge cutting machine with a visual recognition system. This new equipment will save the company's production rate by 5%-10% while maximizing the use of plates by saving more than 50% of the labor costs.

“From the perspective of market demand, what we do most in technological innovation is to use the most rigorous innovation to bring the simplest or even 'fool' experience to the market.” Talking about the direction of product development, the company’s total Manager Cai Jianhua said.

Every year at the Stone Expo, although not the protagonist, the stone machinery that has been refurbished and the technology has changed rapidly is not at all lower than the high-end luxury stones that are beautiful in the eyeball. Intelligent, environmentally friendly, high-value... Throughout the development of these years, Nanan Stone Machinery is gradually bidding farewell to the definition of heavy and clumsy products in the fixed thinking of the public, moving towards high-tech and green manufacturing.

“Currently, the stone industry is booming. The demand for stone machinery and accessories is constantly increasing, and the requirements are constantly improving.” In the view of the stone man Wang Shangyun, with the domestic mining boom, high added value The hot sale of stone products has undoubtedly further promoted the rise of new, environmentally friendly and high-tech stone processing equipment market.

Holding a group to break through the big supporting market

However, in the face of the positive expansion of the market, high cost and unfair competition also plague the development of stone machinery.

In the second half of 2017, in the face of rising steel costs and logistics and auxiliary materials costs, the black cyclone saw industry, Haiende Electromechanical, Wanfu Holdings, Jubang Machinery, Shengda Machinery, Shijing Lida Stone Machinery have issued price adjustment letters.

The price adjustment brought by the rising cost is a normal market competition behavior, but in the eyes of many stone machinery industry insiders, this process lacks the organization and standardization of an industry, and the growth of laissez-faire will be detrimental to various enterprises.

In addition, as the homogenization competition intensified, the market sweetness brought about by the rough development model of the early stone industry was being diluted, and the inventory backlog became a common problem in the market, and also affected the stone machinery industry.

How to solve these problems, stone machinery people are also thinking. In May this year, the Nanan Stone Machinery Accessories Industry Joint Preparatory Meeting kicked off at Wanfu Holding Group. More than 30 machinery and accessories related companies gathered at the site. This is the first time that the Nanan stone machinery industry has sat down together to explore more possibilities for industry development.

"We hope that through the development of the group, we will gather industry colleagues, conduct related research and discuss relevant standards, and not only bring about the standard development of the industry, but also improve efficiency, reduce costs, and benefit users, and further enhance the product quality of the whole industry. Service." Li Qunsheng, the founder of the Federation and chairman of Wanfu Holdings, said.

It is reported that the federation will next subdivide the participating companies. For example, enterprises engaged in the fields of machinery, cutting tools, abrasives and auxiliary materials can gather together to hold special conferences and discuss and discuss the problems and experiences they face.

“The stone machinery accessories industry has huge space, but in a long period of time it is in a relatively scattered situation. The establishment of the industry federation will undoubtedly benefit the related enterprises of stone machinery accessories. Next, we will do a good job in product matching, and do a fine industry platform. Industrial services, the group ushered in the spring of industrial development." Li Qunsheng said.

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