What is the characteristic of diatom mud?

The living room is the main activity area for people. When the leisure time is turned on, the TV is turned on, so the decoration of the TV background wall is very important. There are many decorative materials for the TV background wall, such as: diatom mud, wallpaper, cultural bricks, etc., is the background wall diatom mud among many decorative materials? What are the characteristics of the background wall diatom mud? Let's take a look!

Diatom mud for background wall

1. Zero pollution of diatom mud in the background wall

As people have higher and higher requirements for home improvement and are more and more aware of environmental protection, people will be more cautious when choosing building materials and will choose zero-pollution building materials for decoration. And for some latex paint, wallpaper and other building material products that contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, it will take a few months after renovation to avoid such problems. Now people are more willing to choose non-toxic, harmless, pure natural and healthy Diatom mud for decoration.

2. The artistic diatom mud in the background wall is strong

Now people pay more attention to the taste of home decoration and personalized decoration when decorating the house, and diatom mud can meet these conditions very well, and its decorative art is more attractive to consumers. In the traditional home decoration, the decoration will be relatively simple, lack of taste, and the decorative art is limited. Therefore, people are more willing to choose diatom mud with more artistic expression and many craftsmanship to decorate the living room background wall, thus showing its unique artistic connotation and taste.

3. Environmental protection effect of diatom mud in background wall

Because diatom mud can purify indoor air and regulate indoor humidity, it is more recognized and loved by many consumers. Diatom mud can use its unique photocatalyst chemical decomposition principle to decompose some harmful substances (formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, radon, etc.) in the room, thereby converting it into non-toxic and harmless carbon dioxide and water, etc., so that indoor air It is purified, and these harmful substances are permanently adsorbed, creating a healthy and environmentally friendly home environment for users.

4. Background wall diatom mud can also adjust indoor humidity

Diatom mud acts as a humidifier because it can absorb and release a certain amount of water. When the room environment is relatively humid, the diatom mud can absorb part of the moisture in the air. When the room environment is relatively dry, it can release the previously absorbed water into the air, so that the humidity of the room environment can maintain a certain balance. In hot and dry weather, use a watering can to spray water evenly on the surface of the diatom mud. The diatom mud absorbs the water and releases it slowly, just like a humidifier.

Summary of the article: Is the background wall diatom mud good? From the characteristics of the above background wall diatom mud, it is quite good. For the health of the family, it is better to choose this kind of building materials that are zero pollution, non-toxic, harmless, healthy and environmentally friendly during decoration. If you want to know more related content, you can pay attention to our website consultation.

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