How to do dark spots on fruits?

If spots appear on the apple, it is usually black pox. Black pox is a physiological disease, mostly caused by improper fertilization, and reasonable fertilization according to the standard dose can improve the effect. At the same time, it is also associated with strong light and calcium deficiency. Fruit trees with strong sunlight can be protected from light by using fruit bagging technology or adding a sunshade net. It is found that calcium deficiency in fruit trees should be timely supplemented with calcium. If there are spots on peaches and plums, it is due to black spot disease. No matter which kind of fruit tree is apple, peach or plum, it can fall in the fruit tree. When the fruit is about to enter the expansion period, wait for a heavy rain and spray the mancozeb on the fruit for prevention and control. Mancozeb is a protective agent that sprays onto the fruit to form a thin film that protects the fruit and isolates the pathogen.

At the time of application, the mancozeb is diluted 1000 times for spraying, and the spraying may be performed once every 10-15 days. If there is no spray in the middle, or if there is no effective spraying, it can be remedied with tebuconazole. Tebuconazole plays a major role in the treatment. After the germ has invaded the fruit, it kills the bacteria inside, thereby achieving the purpose of prevention and treatment. However, tebuconazole is a triazole fungicide that inhibits fruit growth and affects yield. Experts recommend that tebuconazole be administered after the fruit has passed the expansion period.

Most of the diseases that can cause fruit tree diseases are on the ground. After the leaves of the first year fall, they will exist on the surface of the soil. After the weather, the disease sources will spread to the fruits through the medium of wind and rain. Therefore, at this time, we must do a good job in the clearing of the fruit trees, and we can use the method of deep burying leaves to reduce the pathogens in the second year.

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