Which integrated wall brand manufacturers join in 2018

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people like to install green and environmentally friendly integrated walls when decorating their homes. Therefore, the market demand for integrated walls is growing. Many entrepreneurs who want to be integrated walls I don't know which brand to join, the following editor will introduce which one of the integrated wall brand manufacturers to join and the 2018 integrated wall brand introduction.

Which is a good integrated wall brand manufacturer to join 1, top DS

Top DS, first created in 2001, the company has a vast production base, and also has technical innovation, product development, software planning, network governance, intelligent control, private authoritative planning processing teams, etc., as an integrated ceiling industry Leaders, founders of integrated background walls, and integrated smart home wise people, continue to lead the development of the industry as their task, and insist on making contributions to the sound development of the industry.

Which is good to join the integrated wall brand manufacturers 2, OULU Continental

OULU is one of the top ten brands of integrated wall. It is a professional integrated ceiling company that combines development, manufacturing, sales and brand management. Eurotherm has produced a form that completely overturns the traditional ceiling, and provides a comfortable, safe, energy-saving, trendy and humanized home environment for thousands of families.

Which is a good integrated wall brand manufacturer? 3, Fapeng

Fa Peng is committed to the integration of bamboo and wood fiber top walls. With the company's excellent product quality, a variety of styles, and an active service system, the concentrated bamboo and wood fiber industry has always been and has become a leader in the industry. All the decoration industry has achieved a very high degree of credibility.

Which wall brand manufacturer will join? 4, Lishang Impression ileadsun

Lishang impression ileadsun, regarded as an earlier company in the integrated ceiling industry, has always been "low carbon, innovation, human guidance, planning" as the commodity spirit, while pursuing quality and characteristics, it also shows seven advantages: the cold Insulation, sound insulation, fire and moisture resistance, easy to clean and not deformed, environmental protection and low carbon, beautiful trend and convenient device.

Which is a good integrated wall brand manufacturer? 5, Shangyi Youjia

Shangyi Youjia has the advantages of environmental protection, low carbon, convenient decoration, cold and energy saving, fire prevention, sound insulation, water and moisture resistance, clean convenience, space saving, insect worm resistance, and trend customization. High-end and versatile integrated wall brand, while providing excellent products and services, is committed to becoming the founder of China's environmental protection and low-carbon home building materials.

Summary: The above is the introduction of the editor about the integrated wall brand manufacturers to join and the 2018 integrated wall brand introduction. I hope it can help everyone. You must have a deeper understanding after reading it! Those who need to join can refer to it!

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Integrated wall brand manufacturers join

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