Living room feng shui knowledge taboo? Living room furnishings Feng Shui knowledge?

The living room belongs to the facade of our home in our home. It is a relatively important place in our home. Many of us pay more attention to the decoration of the living room. Our furnishings must be beautiful, practical and beautiful. Out of the taste of our master. All of the people are more concerned about the decoration of the living room, but many people do not know what we need to pay attention to when we decorate the living room. What are the taboos in Feng Shui? Let's take a look at the taboos of living room feng shui knowledge with Xiao Bian.


Living room feng shui knowledge taboo?

1. Nowadays, many people like to hang on to the wall to improve their taste and enhance the decoration of our home decoration. However, our paintings are also very particular. Don't choose high-cold paintings. If we choose landscape paintings or galloping horses, the direction of our water flow and the horse heads cannot be from the inside to the outside.


2. The direction of our wall clock visit is not to face the inside. Hanging one is enough. If too much, the peace in our home will be affected, and the mood of the family will be affected.

3. There must be a sofa in our living room. The placement of the sofa is also a lot of attention. When we put the sofa, we must rely on the back. If there is no, we will say that there is no backing, we can’t rely on it, we can’t put the fish tank. It can't be on the beam. If we put the beam on our head, it would be of no benefit to our family.

What is the knowledge of Feng Shui in the living room?


1, the light is also sufficient, our living room feng shui needs sunshine, the lighting should be bright, our wealth will be more vigorous. If the color is too dark, there may be a bad luck. There should not be too many flowers and plants on the balcony to affect our light.

2, the floor is sturdy, the floor of the living room is sturdy, the floor is our foundation, our floor must be strong, if it is damaged, we will immediately change it. Also, our marble is relatively cold, we can lay a carpet to resolve.

3, the height of the shoe, the height of the shoe can not exceed the human butt. The shoes we wear every day are dusty. More suffocating will affect our fortune.

4. We can't put a mahjong table. Many of us who love to play mahjong put the mahjong table in the living room for convenience, but this blocks our financial path. We play mahjong is called the god of the gods, the god of the gods is the sparrow, the sparrow is more noisy than the god of wealth, it will drive away our wealth. What kind of money is there?

5, we also make up for the more lonely and conscious calligraphy and painting, many people like to install high, they will choose to hang this painting, but from the perspective of feng shui is not appropriate. The picture of the artistic depression is about the type of calligraphy and paintings such as the stormy waves, the deciduous leaves, the sunsets, the wilderness, and the beasts. We will also be affected if we look at it. It is very detrimental to our physical and mental health.

The above is the relevant content of Xiaobian's talk about the taboo of living room feng shui knowledge. We should have some understanding of what we read. We can pay attention to our home decoration. If we have already finished the decoration, we can also look at it and change it. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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