In the metropolis of reinforced concrete jungle, it is difficult to see the garden green space. In order to retain this small-inch garden, the residential design community regards the "roof terrace" as the city's "new backyard". In the bustling city, the roof was made into "sky garden" and "sky garden". Outdoor furniture complements the sky garden.

1. Determine the style and material according to the placement

Do you have a parasol in your outdoor activity area? Is the furniture placed on a soft lawn or hard floor? Remember, if you are on the lawn, do not use cork frame furniture, cork will absorb moisture, and then cause damage to the frame. If there is direct sunlight, it is best to use it. Direct sunlight is harmful to furniture and human skin.

2. Material is more important than appearance

The material of outdoor furniture is very important, it determines the future maintenance, so don't just look at the appearance when buying. Aluminum and plastic are the easiest to maintain, and rattan or wooden furniture requires regular maintenance.

3. Function is trend

There are several wooden chairs on a small platform with a small area, which can be used as a seat, and can also temporarily place food and drinks. It can also be used as a flower stand when not in use. The functions of the wooden table and the wooden chair are the same, and when the guest comes, it is the most suitable. It is very space-saving when not in use. Some benches have storage space under them, and they can be moved back indoors after summer.

4. Color matching is the key

The color combination can be determined according to the outdoor environment. If the surrounding area is dominated by green plants, fabrics with stripes and floral patterns are a good choice. If there are many flowers, you can choose some neutral colors, such as beige and light colors. Blue, gray, etc.

The smell of sunlight in the wind is a little damp.

Spacious and comfortable recliner.

Golden champagne, foam splashing,

A perfect outdoor party,

Sunny outdoor dating.

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